About Us

Jo-HarrisonWelcome to Premurosa - gift boxes that go straight through the recipients' door without the postman having to ring the bell. No need to fetch your undelivered parcel, Premurosa gifts drop onto the mat for the ultimate surprise.


Set up by me in December 2012, the idea for Premurosa.com came about a few months after our youngest daughter left home. She sent me a gift, a lovely bracelet, which was delivered through the letterbox and took me by surprise.The packaging was a tatty brown envelope and her message had been printed onto an address label.  Not very well presented, but it made my day because my daughter had been thinking of me and the whole experience was lovely.


From then on, I couldn't help thinking that if I could produce a really nice gift box that fitted through a letterbox and included gifts and cards, there could be a market for it?  That was the beginning of Premurosa. I've created the whole business myself, from designing gift boxes and cards to choosing gifts and taking photos for the website. 



A bit about Premurosa...


In Italian Premurosa means thoughtful. And that is the premise behind these unique gift boxes. Buyers can purchase a range of gifts from my site from chocolates to jewellery, which are then all packaged up and sent directly to their recipient.

I wanted to take the stress out of gift buying and offer a complete service from the purchase of a gift right through to the packaging of the present and the delivery. We live in a time poor world, where gift buying can often be a rushed affair, but my letterbox gifts mean people are able to send something special at an affordable price.


We offer three types of gift packages: personal, invitations and corporate; Gorgeous gifts for family and friends; Invitation gift boxes that make an impression from the start, setting the right tone for your wedding or event; Personalise your Premurosa box with your company logo in order to gain valuable exposure for your brand.


The response we have received so far has been fantastic for Premurosa, people love the concept and attention to detail that we put into every gift.


We hope you are delighted with what you find too and enjoy

sending the finest of letterbox gifts to your family and friends.


Best wishes,