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Founded in 2012, Premurosa offer unique gift ideas delivered through the letterbox.  So, whether you are an individual looking for a thoughtful gift or a business wanting to promote their company in a very different and personal way, Premurosa can offer you a gift to suit your occasion. And now, we offer you a gift blog where we will keep you informed of our new products and ideas. We hope you enjoy reading them.





Love Is All Around

It may not be obvious but love is all around us most of the time. The more love you give the more you’ll get back, so why wait until Valentine’s Day to give a little?


Send flowers throughout the year, they’re usually cheaper and better quality when there’s no special event on the calender.


Of course as the owner of a gift company, I’d love you to choose one of our chocolate gifts to send to your Valentine, however I’m sure it would mean more to your partner if you sent a gift that arrived as an unexpected surprise, just because…


Love You 1



A romantic dinner date is always nice any day of the year and, unless you’re a really bad cook, you could go to the trouble of preparing a romantic meal for two, setting the scene and cuddling up after to watch the latest romcom.


Pack a picnic and go for a long walk, whatever the weather.


Send a card, not a text! It means so much more these days to actually receive something through the post (hence the reason I started Premurosa). Send something with a personal message.


Love Card 1



And one of the biggest gestures of love you can give these days is to turn off your phone, ipad or computer and spend some quality time together.


Have a happy Valentine’s Day.


Jo x